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Constitution Drink

Let's celebrate the constitution of the new board of D.S.A. Pattern and also thank the old board for their commitments of the last year, let's throw them a party they never forgot (or will never remember)!

All members of Pattern and other invited guests are welcome to join the drink at Café Bolle on Wednesday the 19th of September. The party starts at 21:30, see you there!

Board 1


Monthly Party: Christmas Edition @ Tilburg

This month's party will take place at Café Bolle in Tilburg. We have a special Christmas edition! So make sure you bring your christmas sweater!

Activity Committee


JADS 2024 End of Year Boat Trip (Tickets)



FruitPunch AI Connect

Get to know who's doing what in artificial intelligence at FruitPunch AI Connect! The first AI Connect event will host inspiring speakers, interesting panel discussions, and networking opportunities. Bringing together researchers, students and business professionals in the diverse field of artificial intelligence.

All AI enthusiasts are welcome! Get your free tickets (including drinks and snacks!) by clicking on the button below! Community dinner beforehand: from 18h-18:45 in Innovation Space - provided by for 5 euro (pay pin at location)

Board 2


Skill session: Visualization with Republiq

Do you wonder how companies make the visualisations for their clients? Sara, consultant at Republiq, will show us how Republiq makes its visualisations which are understandable for their clients. This will not be a static lunch lecture, a workshop where Sara will explain how you can use the tools Republiq uses in the rest of your studies.

Sign up for the skills session via the button below. Be quick, because there are limited spots available!

About Republiq:

Making all public real estate smart. That is our goal. Who we are? We are Republiq: a young consultancy firm. We combine the knowledge we have on public real estate with the insights we gather from open and shared data. This to support our clients to make smarter decisions related to their real estate.

An example of questions our clients are coping with: As a municipality, can I use my buildings in such a way that I support the right people? Can I make housing more affordable, available and of a better quality as a housing association? Our ambition is to make the answers to these questions more evidence based, by developing data-driven tools. We help clients throughout the Netherlands: we worked with the TU/e as well as with the municipality of Groningen.

Board 2


Symposium | Law meets Data Science

Problem buying tickets? We have noticed that buying tickets is not always possible and that it depends on your bank. Having trouble? Just shoot us a message at or via the Facebook page on the left. You can reserve a ticket and pay in cash/via card at the desk this Thursday.

On November 29th, Magister JFT | E-law, D.S.A. Pattern and KNVI-JI & IT Recht organize the Law meets Data Science symposium.
It is no secret that misuse of personal data can get a company in big trouble with the law. Let it be clear that knowledge of the law can be benificial for the average data scientist. But can data science help the law as well? Do administration and automated decision making go well together? These and more questions get answered in the Law meets Data Science Symposium.

We have three awesome speakers from various disciplines and two students who will tell about their studies. To wrap up, there's a paneldiscussion between all speakers with questions that may provoke heated debate, so stay seated until the end! You will be rewarded with some drinks and an opportunity to talk to and discuss further.
The program



Introduction by Mirjam Vogel and John Waterson. Mirjam Vogel works at Van Doorne N.V. and is Advisor Knowledge and Information for the KNVI. She will tell about the motivation for this symposium.
John Waterson, our host of the day, is an experienced Legal Professional with a demonstrated history of working in practice and the higher education industry. He is a strong information technology professional with a Master's Degree focused in LLM Law & Technology from Tilburg University and a Masters's Degree focused on Intellectual Property Law from Stellenbosch University.


Robin Verhoef. Bachelor student Data Science who will talk about his study and Data Science as a whole. What do we learn and what do we do? What will our future look like? Why do we have law subjects?

Eric Tjong Tjin Tai. Full time professor at Tilburg University, specialised in private law, law of civil procedure and IT law. His current research focuses on legal aspects of data and digital developments, and various other topics. He will give a talk about what data science means for law and vice versa.

Small break

Ioannis Stathakis. Master student Law and Technology who will talk about what LLM in Law and Technology looks like. How have the hanges of the last decade been incorporated in a typical law school? What can law and technology students do for technology?

Pavle Bojkovski. Senior Counsel at Whitebridge Advocatuur B.V. His topic will be Data and Human Rights - the lega foundations under the GDPR and why they matter to data science.



Marlies van Eck. Assistant Professor and Researcher at eLaw - Center for Law and Digital Technologies at Leiden University. She is specialized in ICT & administrative law and interested in the impact new technology and its use by the government has on citizens and legal protection. Will talk about the differences in reasoning between lawyers and data scientists. Has done her PhD research in expert systems: programs that make decisions about you and their legal implications.

Q&A and panel discussion: Kirk Wiebe, Marlies van Eck and the students will talk about and discuss some stimulating statements and questions from the audience.

Drink in Grand Café Esplanade.

Tickets can be bought for only €2,-for which you get access to event, as well as drinks and snacks in the break and after the event. The registration deadline is Sunday, November 25!

Board 2


Karaoke Night

Join the Karaoke Night at Hubble Community Cafe (TU/e)!

Hubble Committee


Monthly Party | GLOW! @ Eindhoven

Upcoming Thursday, the 15th of November, Pattern has organised the next monthly party, this time in Eindhoven! 🕺🏼The party will start at 10pm at Café Sgt Peppers. This month's monthly party has a special theme, fitting perfectly with the rest of Eindhoven: GLOW!

Activity Committee


Members' Weekend!

Get yourself ready for the very first legendary Pattern Members' Weekend. This weekend will be all about having a good time and forgetting your terrible or awesome exam weeks for 3 days and start quartile two with high hopes and a fresh mind. From Friday the 9th to Sunday the 11th of November (the weekend right after the exam weeks) we'll go to Eersel to accommodation W'tjewel.

Pattern Weekend Committee


Monthly Party (Tilburg)

After the beach volleyball tournament with Pipple, we'll have our first monthly party at Café Bolle, Tilburg! Almost done with the first month of lectures, tutorials, assignments, meetings and maybe some mid-terms are coming up, always a reason for a party!

Activity Committee


Pipple x Pattern kick-off event

Sign-ups are closed!

You can send an email to if you really want to participate.
On Thursday the 27th of September we'll have a beach volleyball tournament together with our head sponsor, Pipple! After the tournament, we'll have some dinner.
There's more! After our tournament and dinner, we'll all go to Café Bolle where we'll have our first monthly drink!

Board 2


Change of Board GMM

On Tuesday the 11th of September, the first General Members Meeting of 2018 - 2019 will occur. During this GMM, the 2nd board of D.S.A. Pattern will be constituted.

All members of Pattern are invited!

Board 1


Intro Camp 2018

Questions? Contact us

From August 27 until August 29, D.S.A. Pattern will organize the official Introduction Camp for all first year Data Science students!
During the Introduction Camp, you will get to know all first year students of Data Science. Second and third year students will introduce you to the student life with different activities. You will also receive some important information about your bachelor during the camp.
Please be aware that you are only allowed to participate in the introduction camp if you are registered for the first year of the Joint Bachelor in Data Science for 2018 - 2019. The camp is also mandatory for all new first year students. The information you provide in the sign-up form will be used to check if you are registered as such.

Board 1


TU/e Introweek Party

During the TU/e Introduction Week, D.S.A. Pattern organizes a party for all new students! All first year data science students will join this party with their 'parents', but the event is also open for all other Pattern members!

Board 1


End of the Year Activity: Pubquiz!

Next week Friday, 6th of July, Pattern will organise an end of the year event for all members! You"ll be able to chill and relax at the Hubble Community Café; after all the stress of exams and deadlines.

There will be a Pub Quiz at 16.00 you can take part in and the winning team will get a special prize! 🏆 The teams will consist of 4-5 people; gather your friends and come up with a good name for your team!

Maybe most importantly, you"ll be provided with some delicious drinks and snacks! 🍟🍻

You're always welcome to chill at Hubble whenever you want, but if you want to join the quiz be sure to be at Hubble before 16.00 to subscribe your team and to have a good spot in the Café!
Hope to see you al next week Friday, till then, have fun and good luck with the exams and deadlines! 😉

Board 1


1st Year Panel Meeting

D.S.A. Pattern believes it is important that the Data Science students are heard. Therefore, on the 5th of July, Pattern organizes a panel meeting for all first year students. During this meeting, we will discuss the results of the survey that was distributed a while ago, and we will have a discussion about our program, its setup, and its quality.

Not only will Pattern be present, but the educational management, the people responsible for the Data Science program, will be there as well to answer all your questions and to listen to all your concerns!

If you are a first year Data Science student and you want the possibility to be heard about all your concerns, questions and issues about our program, make sure you attend this meeting!

We hope to see you on the 5th!

Board 1


Xomnia Self-Driving Boat Trip

Xomnia is inviting you to a one-of-a-kind journey through the canals of Amsterdam on their self-driving boat! Apply now and hop on board!

13:00-13:30 Reception (drinks and bites)
13:30-14:15 Talk self-driving boat by David from Xomnia
14:15-14:30 Drinks
14:30-17:00 Boattrip and returning to Xomnia
17:00- ~~~ More drinks, pizza and bites

legend: drinks = beer

About the self-driving boat:David Woudenberg is one of Xomnia's data scientists and is project leader of Xomnia's self-driving boat. During his talk he will explain the boat's transformation from a former lifeboat to a self-driving boat using neural network/deep learning technology. Using Artificial Intelligence technologies in our daily life makes this project challenging and exciting.

Board 1


Legal End of the Year Activity

Summer is almost here so on Monday the 18th of June an end of the year event will take place, with study associations from the law faculty in Tilburg (Magister JFT, De Smeetskring and ELSA) we will organize a beach volleyball tournament! This tournament will take place at the Sports Center in Tilburg. We start at 14:00 and after the tournament there will be a barbecue which you can attend for only €8,50, tickets for the barbecue are available at

Interested? Please sign up by sending an email to mentioning the names of your team members (maximum of 5), also please forget to buy your ticket for the barbecue!

For more info please check

Board 1


8-ball pool & pizza activity

On May 22th, we will play 8-ball pool at Saints Tilburg!
We will meet at 19:00 at Vapiano and have pizza here. Pizza will be at own cost, but you get a 25% discount as Pattern member this evening. We will then move on to Saints for a free 8-ball pool game of 1,5 hours!

Board 1


Announcement Drink

In May 2017, Data Science Association Pattern was officially established! Celebrate our one year anniversary with us on May 15! On this day, we will also introduce the candidate board for 2018/2019!

Board 1


Alcoholympics: e.t.s.v. Thor v D.S.A. Pattern

On May 9th, Thor and Pattern will battle it out in the alcoholympics! Do you have the stomach to join team Pattern and win?!
For only €5,- you can participate. Afterwards we will have a drink at Thor's bar in Flux.
You can register via our webshop. Payment will be done at Thor on the event itself.

Have a look at how the event turned out!

Board 1


Monthly Party: First 200 beer free!

Next week Thursday, the 3rd of May, there will be another drink at the Borrelbar in Eindhoven. It starts at 22:00 and the first 200 beers will be free of charge! All members of D.S.A. Pattern will receive a exclusive Borrelbar card with which you can order free beers.

After that, beers will only cost €1.50 if you show your card! And with the card you can also get our very own D.S.A. Pattern shot for only €2,-! The card is valid until the end of this school year so every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday you can get beer for €1.50 and the D.S.A. Pattern shot for €2,- at the Borrelbar.

The cards will be distributed upcoming Wednesday at the CIO Platform event. After Wednesday you can pick up your card in the board room in Tilburg (E2.05) every Tuesday. See you all next Thursday at the first Pattern party of Q4!

Board 1


Study Trip 2019

D.S.A. Pattern is having its very first Study Trip!

From March 5 to March 9, we will travel to Dublin. The Study Trip Committee (STC) has devised a nice program with some free time for you to explore the city yourself. We will visit the Trinity University, that has a special Master in Data Science, visit IBM and Aylien, and do some sightseeing! And of course, there will also be some time to experience Dublin's nightlife.
The program is still a secret, but we can already provide you with some information of what you will at least receive for the payment of only €350,-.

Travel from Amsterdam Airport to Dublin and back
Travel to all parts of the program devised by the STC
Accomodation in the city centre, including breakfast
Dinner provided for at least one night

Registration deadline: February 6
Signing up for the study trip will be as follows:
1. Sign up for the event via the website.
2. You will be put on a waiting list.
3. Once you are chosen, you will get an invitation to sign the contract and pay.
4. As soon as you paid, you are officially a participant of the study trip.
Payment will be done in 2 periods

  1. First term of €75,- will be paid directly when signing the contract.
  2. Second term of €275,- will be paid via transfer before January 31.

    If all spots are taken, you will be put on the waiting list.

Questions? Send us an email via

Study Trip Committee


Casino Night

Join us for the first activity of the new quartile: Casino Night!

Enjoy different games together with your fellow Data Science friends.
The Activity Committee will be the host for the night. They have mastered the rules of blackjack, poker and roulette, so you can’t cheat your way through their dealers. ♦️♠️♥️♣️ You can even bring your own board game if you like.

The night will start around 20:00 @Cultuurtuin (E building, TiU) and there will be plenty of refreshment to keep your minds cool and clear. 🍺🥤So, sign up now!

Activity Committee