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Active Members Day: Hasselt!

On the 23rd of April we will go on Active Members Day in Belgium , this time to Hasselt! This day will be full of exciting creative activities, food, gezelligheid and much much more!

Sign-ups are open now!

Active Members Committee


Bol Inhouse Day

Join us for an in-house day at Bol, the online retailer, offering a broad spectrum of products across various categories.🛍️ This excursion offers a unique opportunity to experience Bol first-hand at their office in Utrecht.🏢 The in-house day will take place on the 24th of April, so save the date!🗓️

You will also receive two MyFuture points when joining this activity.🌟

⚠️ Remember to cancel 24 hours before the event if you're unable to attend. Failing to show up twice without cancelling will result in being black-listed from future Lunch Lectures! ⚠️

Board 7


[PARTY BUS TICKET] Tilburg PubCrawl - Explore Tilburg

Have you always wanted to go out in Tilburg, but are scared off by the travel times or having to go back to Eindhoven at 23:00? Good news! Activity Committee is organizing a pubcrawl in the lovely Tilburg, and has arranged bus travel between there and Eindhoven. This pubcrawl will include 4 free drinks 🥂 with your ticket!

The pubcrawl will be on May 2nd, 2024 starting at 21:45.
The bus leaves from Eindhoven at 21:00, and will drive back from Tilburg at 03:00.

THIS TICKET INCLUDES BUS TRAVEL BETWEEN EINDHOVEN AND TILBURG. If you are from TIlburg, or will arrange your own travel, purchase the ticket below.
Ticket without bus travel:

Activity Committee