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About Deltares

We are Deltares. A not-for-profit, world-leading, and mission-driven Dutch knowledge institute for water and the subsurface. We work throughout the world and we are guided by the major societal issues, for which Deltares' knowledge is indispensable. This is what drives our highly qualified workforce of 800 colleagues, which is comprised of over forty different nationalities.

Using applied research, we develop in-depth knowledge that is necessary and useful for decisions. By ensuring this knowledge is accessible to everyone, we help with innovative solutions.

Make a difference

Where do we make a difference? By building on the continuity of our knowledge base. As an important knowledge partner, we help the government, companies, and society. Together, we achieve our mission: Enabling Delta Life.

For more than a century, we have been working passionately to find answers to the burning question that drives our research: how can we keep our deltas, and coastal and river areas, safe, sustainable, and habitable - both now and in the future?

Dare to share: finding solutions together

All the knowledge from our assignments and projects, regardless of the source of funding, contributes to the continuity of our knowledge base. We therefore seize the opportunity afforded by every research question from clients to generate new knowledge. We acknowledge and respect the power of co-creation that stems from our cooperation with others.

We are acutely aware that the challenges of our times cannot be tackled alone. Our 'dare to share' philosophy means that we share our garnered knowledge. At Deltares, we are convinced that an open source approach delivers opportunities to do things even better and to learn from one another.

Software and data

By using and sharing the software that we develop ourselves and with others worldwide, we make knowledge usable for developing, testing and optimising solutions to complex issues. It offers added value for national and international missions and social issues. Open data, open source, new key technologies and working together with others are the starting points for the development of our software systems and data products.