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About D-Data


D-Data is a young organisation that focuses on data science talent development. We develop data science talent by applying advanced analytics in various projects at different customers such as Heineken, Unilever and Vrumona. In June 2021 we moved to our new office in Den Bosch, where next to creating awesome models, we like to challenge each other for a game of table soccer. Throughout the week we like to have lunch together, go for a little walk around Paleiskwartier, or - on Fridays - visit our neighbors at the local brewery.


D-Data provides the unique combination of young enthusiasm with experienced coaching. This proposition differentiates us from most other data science consultancies. Our talentful young data scientists are always backed by a senior on every project. This expert ensures quality under all circumstances, leading to happy customers and developing talent.


D-Data’s people have strong technical backgrounds. Whether this is computer science, econometrics, artificial intelligence or medical natural sciences; we like math. We apply these technical skills in various fields. Think for example of optimizing a promo calendar, forecasting the beer sales volumes, winning market share by identifying underperforming products or stabilizing a crypto currency. We like to be challenged!

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