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We love to help clients through creative, smart and value-adding IT solutions. We want smart IT ecosystems in which data is entered once and used multiple times. After which it is displayed in the correct way in other systems, in the right place within and outside the organisation. Combining the right person with data at the right place can ensure a focus on the creative and smart use of data to achieve business goals. Like valuable automated analysis and predictions. We want this for everyone! We see that Linked Data and Knowledge Graphs are able to really allow you to take control of your data about assets like buildings, roads and bridges; therefore we have become proficient in this.  The industries in which we operate are the construction, infrastructure, real estate and energy industry. There, many organisations work in several (project)phases on the largest and most complex projects, where it is rare that data is only relevant for one party. We are ready to advice and solve these challenges. We are active in the entire spectrum from raw data to wisdom: model the data schemes, making advanced data analyses possible, developing and implementing information systems in combination with 2D/3D data and automate workflows. Practically applicable solutions with a highly innovative character, that’s what we provide.

Our vision

Society has unprecedented technical possibilities. It is in the interest of all of us that the realisation and maintenance of the largest systems for transport, energy and construction works remain affordable and of high quality. Given the importance of the right information at the right place, we have to switch from application oriented to data oriented working. Applications come and go, processes come and go and so people. But data, that’s always there. Data that is not structured and of low quality can paralyze organisations in the near future. After all, just technology is not enough. There is a bridging function to be fulfilled between the multidisciplinary work processes, determining and obtaining the management information and the use of data technology. We facilitate this bridging function with the specialisation in IT / data and with knowledge of our industries.

Our mission

The rewards of digitalisation and automation can be reaped by those who master the technology. We have this expertise and can act as an extension of any organisation. We support clients in our industries to collectively achieve a higher level of capturing, exchanging and analysing of data. Gather information from data, gain knowledge from your information and have the knowledge to make decisions based on facts. With a good dose of humour, fighting spirit and substantive knowledge, we take our clients on a journey! And yes, a lot of stories can be told of our travels in tackling the legacy and implementing new ways of working. With perseverance, substantive discussion, sometimes a bit of politics and openness to new insights. We are happy to contribute with our (digital) work to really solving asset management issues and make impact in our markets!