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Utrecht, Rotterdam

About Visma Resolve

Resolve is the beating heart of innovation in Visma. Our team of passionate developers are dedicated to transforming the way work gets done using cutting-edge technology and AI. We are committed to empowering people by providing them with the tools they need to make smarter decisions, freeing up their time to focus on the human elements of their work. By constantly striving to make a positive, real-world impact through our solutions, we are committed to driving social change and improving the world around us.

Join the team

We are a young and fast-growing company, going from 4 employees in 2019 to around 30 now, spread out over 6 countries in Europe. At Resolve, you will be working in a dynamic and international environment with a great deal of autonomy and responsibility. If you care about the societal impact of your work and possess the diverse set of skills needed to adequately solve complex, real-world problems, we are very interested in getting to know you. We look for highly skilled people with a passion to challenge the status quo. If you have a background in optimization, artificial intelligence, or machine learning, get in touch with us. For more information, check out our website and video, and feel free to send us an email.