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About Pipple

Pipple is a fast-growing data science agency based in the heart of Eindhoven. We started our journey in 2016 and have grown to a team that consists of 35 employees. Our main goal is to make the world a little bit better place, and to make our customers extremely happy by using data science and data engineering in a creative way. We love variety and we’re active within a diversity of domains, such as; Logistics, banking, insurance, industry, government, energy, retail and non-profit.

What we do? We solve complex problems by developing new practical solutions using mathematics, statistics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, custom algorithms and other cool stuff.

How wo do what we do? With a creative and open-minded view on the world, we try to make the impossible possible from our core values; open-mindedness, creativity and being helpful. We work closely with our clients because we believe that working together leads to the best solutions.

At Pipple we value our unique culture. We work from a positive world and people perspective. That means that we give you our trust from the beginning, instead of having to earn it first. This trust is the basis of being able to be yourself, and become more authentic while being given responsibilities and the freedom to do things your own way.

In addition, fun and development are very important to us. Just to name a few things: We organize our own Pipple-days and Pipple-lectures, we have our own Pipple Academy and we go on a skiing trip with the whole team every year!